As a result of the strategic planning process, The Basehor Community Library Board of Trustees has defined the following three strategic goals for 2022-2024.


  1. Prioritize Services that Reflect Core Values

    Over the years BCL has delivered programs and services that reflect community priorities in the areas of customer service, early literacy, and life enrichment.  As services continue to evolve to include more interactive learning experiences and shared community spaces, these core values define the library and will guide future aspirations.

  2.  Strengthen Sense of Community

    The Library’s mission statement is founded in the belief that BCL is not only defined by its location as a cornerstone of the Basehor Civic Campus and neighboring educational facilities, but also by its relationships with other organizations within the community.  Building and reinforcing these relationships is key to the growth and future health of the Library District community.

  3. Pursue a Plan for Library Building Expansion

    With the rapid growth of our community, we recognize the need for expansion of the library building. Toward this goal, the Board has adopted practices in fiscal management, responsibly saving Capital Improvement Funds each budget year. We have commissioned a Library Improvement Study and identified phases for renovation and expansion. We will continue to plan in preparation for expansion and for the necessary funding required.


The Basehor Community Library Board and Staff will use these priorities to guide the investment of our resources, both people and dollars.  The library leadership staff will define plans, objectives, and outcomes that align with these strategic goals.


The full plan is attached below.


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