Beginning October 1st, 2013 the government website opened for Americans to shop for and buy health insurance.  Since opening, the website experienced numerous problems.  Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, responded in a CNN interview.

The website is available for Kansans to shop for health insurance. Open enrollment for 2013 will continue through March 31, 2014. You can also call the Marketplace Call Center at 800-318-2596 (TTY 855-889-4324) and talk with a trained representative. Paper copies of the application are also available that can be mailed.

Once you fill out your application, you can:

1. Find out if you are eligible for tax benefits to help pay for your health insurance premiums, based on household income.
2. Compare your health insurance choices side-by-side.
3. Enroll in a health care plan.
4. Receive automatic confirmation of your enrollment.

How can we help?

**We can tell you what information you will need to enroll.
**We can help you create an email account if you don’t have one.
**You can use our computers!
**Help you print off a paper application.