The Kansas State Council of Defense Circulars

Almost 100 years ago the United States joined allied nations in entering World War I.  Thousands of Kansans went off to fight while those left behind took their part in supporting the war effort as well. A Kansas State Council of Defense was formed by Governor Capper in 1917 and took the lead in mobilizing all the resource of the state in support of the War.  Among the publications issued by the Council were a series of circulars covering a broad range of topics for those on the home front .

The Kansas Government Information (KGI) Online Library has recently added these circulars to our online collection, along with a history of the Kansas State Council of Defense.  This material is an interesting look into the activities at home during a war that forever altered the world views of many of those who lived through it.

Two of the booklets consist of recipes.  Much of the wheat crop was being sent overseas so people were encouraged to substitute other grains in place of wheat in their recipes.  Another publication gave instruction to teachers on introducing “city boys” to farm life.  A couple of the booklets deal with canning and drying fruits/vegetables.

All of the circulars are available online within a KGI collection.