Goal #1: Prioritize Actions that Reflect Core Values

What are BCL core values?

  1. Customer Service – True to its roots as a community library, BCL prides itself on customer service that is both friendly and helpful.  Embodied in the BCL organization is this genuine spirit.
  2. Early Literacy – BCL has an important responsibility to the community to provide early literacy services that prepare children for success in school and life.  Not only is this a core BCL value, it is a foundational reason for the library’s existence.
  3. Life Enrichment – A core value of the library is to provide both traditional and innovative services that enrich patron lives. This enrichment takes the form of casual entertainment, lifelong learning, equal access to information and knowledge, or engaging the world around us.  Identifying and meeting patron needs when and where their interests exists is at the heart of this value.


Goal #2: Strengthen Sense of Community

Why is this a priority?

  1. A vibrant community is underpinned by people with relationships through shared interests, physical location, community service, pride, or other factors.  BCL has a role in creating traditional and non-traditional opportunities for connections that will enrich people’s lives.
  1. Basehor doesn’t have a community center or many other public gatherings spaces (beside the park and high school).  We believe (and have been told by patrons) this is a community need that we can help fulfill.
  1. We have a nice facility that can be leveraged to provide a comfortable place for community interaction.
  1. Property and physical structure investments are a tangible, visible expression of our patrons’ tax dollars at work. Consequently, they are more plainly understood by patrons.  It is important to align investments in areas that are clearly understood and valued. We believe our patrons (and community at large) will benefit from increased awareness and involvement in community activities.
  1. Currently, our community does not have a strong participation or engagement in government, social, non-profit and charity organizations.  Engaging the community’s talents will produce a better, healthier Basehor.
  1. We, the board and library staff, want this for our community and we think Patrons want it as well.
  1. When Basehor Library is involved in the community, it brings people to the library, which ultimately results in high value to patrons.
  1. “Be an Informed Citizen and Know your Community” was identified as a top ranked Library Service Response by the sub-committee.  It is an “expected” service of our library.


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