Are you missing Mr. Patrick’s STORYtimes? Then, you can Visit Mr. Patrick Online, two different ways. You can subscribe to our “Basehor Kids” YouTube Channel and access them on your phone or table using the YouTube app or web browser. Or…

Now you can visit Visit Mr. Patrick Online any time you want since he has created some new, fun, educational, short STORYtime videos you can watch anytime by clicking on any of the blue links below.

Mr. Patrick and the Chicken Dance

Mr. Patrick teaches American Sign Language – January 2020

Mr. Patrick teaches American Sign Language – February 2020

Mr. Patrick’s Gimlet Uses His Wing

Mr. Patrick’s Gimlet is Sad

Mr. Patrick’s Storytime Movie Time

Also included on the channel are the creative “Stories From a Bag” told with child participation, and games with animal friends. In the future we’ll upload many unique ways to see and hear stories just like the ones Mr Patrick does in STORYtime. So, if your child is sick at home or you are taking a long car trip, we at the Basehor Community Library have made a safe YouTube Channel for your kids to Visit Mr. Patrick Online!

Here are some of the other videos you’ll find on our channel – you can open them here without subscribing:

Mr. Patrick’s Apple Math

Mr. Patrick’s Magic Penny

Pencil Topper Craft with Mr. Patrick

Mr. Patrick and Bessie’s Moooosic

Mr. Patrick and the 3 Billy Goats Song

Head & Shoulders with Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick’s Magic Stick

Craft Time with Mr. Patrick

Mr. Patrick and the Three Little Pigs

Mr. Patrick and Apple Math

Mr. Patrick and Spring Things

Mr. Patrick and Nursery Rhymes

Mr. Patrick and 5 Speckled Frogs

Mr. Patrick’s Bedtime Song

Mr. Patrick’s Magic Trick

Mr. Patrick and the Polar Bear

Mr. Patrick’s Friend Skunk

Mr. Patrick’s Duck’s Valentine

Mr. Patrick’s A Valentine What Is It? Story

Mr. Patrick’s The Leprechaun Brothers Hide and Seek

Mr. Patrick’s Winter Igloos

Mr. Patrick and The Five Snowmen Song

A Mr. Patrick Cut and Tell Story

Mr. Patrick’s Cut and Tell Story 2

Mr. Patrick’s Friend Duck

Mr. Patrick’s Color Wheel

Mr. Patrick’s Holiday Houses

Mr. Patrick’s Holiday Houses 2